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How we work

We are not a real estate agency
We are the Hospitality Managers

Present in the Como area for 8 years with over 139 structures.

We operate in the round: we visit, advise you and manage your property from Cav to Lombarde guesthouses and Hotel Boutique

For any kind of information, come and visit us at our office located in Como in Via Giuseppe Rovelli 4

Company Mission

Smart Solution

The “SMART SOLUTION” package provides for the collaboration between the owner and Hospitality Managers in the operational management of the structure: the marketing management (consisting of Guest Coaching and Sitting Welcoming activities) will be remotely managed by the Hospitality Managers; the check-in, check-out and management of the final cleaning will be carried out directly by the owner.

The Guest Coaching activity consists in the exercise of client hunting and the online management of the apartment.

The Sitting Welcoming function integrates the Guest Coaching service through a first remote reception of the client (this process will be useful to create an immediate feeling with the end user).

The duties performed by the Hospitality Managers will be as follows:

  • Scouting of the main online tourist providers

  • Online and offline promotion of the structure

  • Management of the various web platforms

  • Remote relationship with the end user and the owner

The “RELAX SOLUTION” package provides for the autonomous operational management of the structure by the Hospitality Managers.

This solution allows you to integrate the "SMART SOLUTION" package through the activities of On Site Welcoming Guest and Bureaucratic Management: marketing management, on-site reception, check-in and check-out functions, management of final cleaning and administration of bureaucratic relations with the Police Headquarters and the bodies concerned are entirely dispensed by the Hospitality Managers.

The duties performed by the Hospitality Managers will be as follows:

  • Scouting of the main online tourist providers

  • Online and offline promotion of the property

  • Management of the various web platforms

  • Relationship (remote and on site) with the end user and with the owner

  • Check-in / check-out organization (with on-site staff)

  • Management of the service related to final cleaning (with the staff on site)

  • Bureaucratic requirements (Police Headquarters and ISTAT)

Relax Solution

Check-in & Check-out

Who hands over the keys to arriving guests?

And who makes sure everything is in order when they leave?

With the "RELAX SOLUTION" package it's all up to us:

  • Reception of guests and delivery of keys

  • Presentation of the apartment

  • Acquisition of personal data and reporting to the competent bodies

  • Collection of City Taxes

  • 24h customer assistance

  • Key recovery

  • Inspection and control of the property

In order to best fulfill the hygiene and sanitary obligations provided for by Art. 37 of the Regional Law 1 October 2015, n. 27, according to which those who offer accommodation in residential units, or part of them, with residential destination, including housing or part of the same leased data for tourist purposes, are required to comply with the required hygienic-sanitary quality standards, we employ staff competent and qualified.

Our Cleaning Service guarantees:

  • Thorough cleaning of the accommodation and kitchen area

  • Bed making

  • Sanitation of service areas

  • Linen rental

  • Washing, ironing and sanitizing linen

Cleaning Service

A Modern Team

"Don't go where the path can lead you;

instead go where the path is not there yet

and leave a trace behind you "

The House Of Travelers group reflects the characteristics of a modern team: we are young and ambitious, attentive to details and the constant changes in the tourism-real estate market, we focus on the research and innovative development of online providers and we take care of every detail with the utmost commitment, we are available 24 hours a day, we operate with the utmost transparency and we are careful to meet the needs of our customers.

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